Pro Strength Mechanics' Solvent™

With more uses built into every bottle for greater economy. Versatile, pro strength multi-surface remover of hard-to-remove challenges. Works 100% of the time. Safe around people, pets and our planet.

Not just for sticky goo

In addition to sticky oily goo, De-Solv-it® PRO Mechanics’ Solvent™ removes hundreds of other challenges including oil, fresh oil-based paint, heavy-duty grease, tree sap, brake dust, gas gum and much more. With a dielectric strength exceeding 50,000 volts, this product can also clean running electrical motors.

No Harmful Vapors

Mechanics’ Solvent contains no harsh chemicals and produces no harmful vapors resulting in excellent parts washer and confined space applications. And because it contains no water, Mechanics’ Solvent stays open longer and won’t flash off like more toxic alternatives.


Mechanics’ Solvent is built for the environment too without compromise to efficacy. With more and more regulations stifling other products’ performance, Mechanics’ Solvent, De-Solv-it products and their safer, innovative technologies still perform great.

No Harmful Vapors

Mechanics’ Solvent™ is excellent as a targeted tough-challenge remover and, with no harmful vapors, performs equally well in large bulk parts washers.

Pro Strength Mechanics’ Solvent™ removes duct tape and other tough adhesives from any surface. Beefier than regular De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™, works lightening fast on even tougher adhesives and residue.
bonding agents
Caulk, silicone, asphaltic cement, roofing tar and other bonding agents are no match for Pro Strength Mechanics’ Solvent™. Simply apply and keep moist and Pro Strength Mechanics’ Solvent™ breaks the bond in minutes.
Equipment and tool oil, grease and lubricant removal from concrete, tools, wood, autos, clothing, skin and hair. If it’s a lubricant, Pro Strength Mechanics’ Solvent™ removes it LIGHTENING FAST!
wet paint
Pro Strength Mechanics’ Solvent™ removes fresh oil-based paint, stain and lacquers from virtually any surface. Removes fresh, but won’t harm dry painted surfaces once cured.
fresh foam insulation
Pro Strength Mechanics’ Solvent™ removes fresh GREAT STUFF®, Dow® and other brands of expanding foam insulation while they are still wet. Works on skin, hair, concrete, clothing and more when you act FAST.
Removes wax of any kind, including surfboard wax, grimy wash tub soap buildup and much more. Terrific even on clothing, skin and hair.
and more
A beefier version of De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™, Pro Strength Mechanics’ Solvent™ even removes glue gun adhesives, rubber cement, petroleum and cable jelly and other heavy-duty gooey challenges with no harmful vapors.
Use Pro Strength Mechanics’ Solvent™ on virtually any surface including clothing, concrete, counters, fabric, hard surfaces, paint, upholstery, wood and more. Even skin and hair.
from virtually any surface
Use De-Solv-It PRO MECHANICS’ SOLVENT™ on virtually any surface including autos, carpet, clothing, concrete, counters, fabric, hard surfaces, paint, stainless steel, upholstery, wood and more. Even skin and hair. Will not harm dry paint or clearcoat finishes.
Hard Surfaces: Apply this Eco Friendly Product, Wipe, Rinse. In most cases, let sit 20-30 seconds. For tougher challenges, let sit longer before wiping. After using in dryer or on appliances or elements that produce heat, remove product thoroughly with soap and water AND LET DRY BEFORE USING appliance.

Excellent in parts washers as product has no harmful vapors. Product can also be reclaimed and retains efficacy even after multiple uses.

Using Mechanics’ Solvent on Skin & Hair: Follow use with mild soap or shampoo and rinse.

Carpet & Upholstery stain removal: Apply to clean cloth. Blot problem area until removed. Rinse with water. Blot dry with clean cloth or paper towel. For best results, extract with wet/dry vac, Bissell, etc. IMPORTANT: DO NOT APPLY LIQUID DIRECTLY TO CARPET OR UPHOLSTERY OR ALLOW TO WET OR REACH CARPET BACKING. Use at your own risk on carpet. Always test on an inconspicuous area.

Not recommended for use on: acrylic and some plastics, uncoated wallpaper, butyl, suede & leather (will darken), silk, elastic items and khaki-colored fabric. On rubber, wash off after use.


We believe you deserve citrus cleaning products that remove what they say they will. Therefore, we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion of this environmentally friendly cleaner with proof of purchase, and ORANGE-SOL will refund the full purchase price.


Like CONTRACTORS’ SOLVENT, MECHANICS’ SOLVENT removes an even longer list including cured silicone, roofing tar, asphalt and caulks. Unlike CONTRACTORS’ SOLVENT, however, MECHANICS’ SOLVENT has a dielectric strength greater than 50,000 volts, so it can be used to clean running electrical motors. While robust, CITRUS SOLUTION is better suited for everyday icky, sticky, gooey, oily, waxy, household-related challenges around the home, on skin, clothing, carpet and upholstery. It has more rinsability (which helps when used on laundry) and doesn’t usually require a soap and water rinse like similar products. It also removes A LOT MORE challenges such as pasta sauces, fresh paints and stains and even bug residue. It is not as robust as MECHANICS’ SOLVENT. LAUNDRY SAVER will remove some of what CITRUS SOLUTION removes but targets more specific protein, grease, oil, mustard and even baby-related stains outside of CITRUS SOLUTION’s wheelhouse. CITRUS SOLUTION and LAUNDRY SAVER are wonderful complements to each other as they collectively remove over 90% of the tougher household and laundry stains one may encounter.

Can I use MECHANICS’ SOLVENT on my automobile or motorcycle to remove asphalt, soot, sap, tar, stickers and other challenges?

Yes, MECHANICS’ SOLVENT is safe to use on your automobile, using instructions for hard surfaces. MECHANICS’ SOLVENT will not harm dry paint or clear-coat finishes. This product is an excellent wax remover so after removing asphalt, grease and tar, you may want to rewax your vehicle. To clean interior stains, use the instructions for carpeting and upholstery. MECHANICS’ SOLVENT may also be used on vinyl and non-tinted glass since tint is usually applied with adhesive. Be sure to wash MECHANICS’ SOLVENT off rubber surfaces after use.

Can MECHANICS’ SOLVENT be used on clothing?

It can. Many of our customers use it in the laundry room though CITRUS SOLUTION is typically a better prewash. For heavier oil, grease and tar, apply and let work for 2-3 minutes. After treating, the tar will be able to be scraped off easily from surface and then wash clothes as normal to remove any leftover residue. Check each item before putting them back into the dryer, repeat cleaning of any areas as necessary.

Is there a difference between CONTRACTORS’ SOLVENT and MECHANICS’ SOLVENT?

Both are PRO STRENGTH, however MECHANICS’ SOLVENT has a high dielectric strength greater than 50,000V which means it can be used safely on running electrical motors to clean soot, grease, oil, lube and other tough challenges. Both are outstanding in parts washers to clean tools, equipment, parts and much more. Even skin.

Can MECHANICS’ SOLVENT be used on leather?

MECHANICS’ SOLVENT is not generally recommended on materials such as leather, silk, or suede as it will likely darken these materials. In some cases where the material can be rinsed with mild soap and water you may see less darkening. Certainly many customers have opted for slightly darker leather versus discarding the item.

Can MECHANICS’ SOLVENT be used on carpet?

As long as MECHANICS’ SOLVENT does not reach the carpet backing (which typically is made of adhesive which MECHANICS’ SOLVENT is an EXCELLENT remover of) and stays on the carpet pile itself, you may, but only with heavy caution and according to product instructions. Simply spray MECHANICS’ SOLVENT on a clean, white rag and work the problem substance out of the carpet. When you’re done, gently wash the carpet area with mild soap and water and rinse well with clean water. Repeat if necessary. For best results, extract with a wet-dry vac or carpet cleaning machine to extract all of the soap.

I was painting and made a mess, what can I do?

MECHANICS’ SOLVENT will remove spills and fresh paint splatter and stain from hard surfaces, clothing, carpet and upholstery. Also, MECHANICS’ SOLVENT will not harm hair and therefore is also an excellent paint brush cleaner when you are done with the job! First, remove as much of the paint with rags or paper towels.Then apply MECHANICS’ SOLVENT according to the surface spilled or over-sprayed on. (Never apply this product directly to carpeting due to its composition of adhesive backing. As long as MECHANICS’ SOLVENT stays ontop of the pile you’re okay, so we recommend applying to paper towels and “wicking/absorbing” the paint up from carpeting.) As long as the paint or stain isn’t set, MECHANICS’ SOLVENT is a terrific remover of oil-based, spray and other fresh paints and stains.

How long does it take for MECHANICS’ SOLVENT to work?

MECHANICS’ SOLVENT begins to work instantly on most challenges it removes. The rule of thumb is the darker and more opaque the challenge, such as asphalt, tar, oil, grease, wet oil-based paint, etc, the faster it’s removed. Conversely, some lighter colored, aged floor adhesives can take up to thirty minutes to soften before easily scraped. Some clear or white silicones can take around ten minutes to lift from the surface depending on external factors. We recommend with any challenge take a small area, apply MECHANICS’ SOLVENT, keep it moist until the bond is broken and you’ve achieved desired results. Then you’ll know how much and how quickly MECHANICS’ SOLVENT will perform on larger areas. Remember, if MECHANICS’ SOLVENT says it will remove it, it’s 100% guaranteed it will.

Can I use MECHANICS’ SOLVENT on glass?

MECHANICS’ SOLVENT™ is non-corrosive and will not harm glass or most other hard surfaces including fiberglass and porcelain. MECHANICS’ SOLVENT is used quite often on windows, glass and wood frames, mirrors, shower doors and other glass surfaces. After removing the soap scum, adhesive or other challenge with MECHANICS’ SOLVENT™, wipe with a wet cloth or paper towel. Then finish up with your favorite glass cleaner for best results.

After MECHANICS’ SOLVENT removes the adhesive, caulk or silicone, do I need to prep the surface before applying more adhesive?

After MECHANICS’ SOLVENT has removed the adhesive, if you’re applying more adhesive or tile, etc., we recommend an extra mild soap and rinse and dry time before reapplying adhesive. Some bathroom remodelers prefer to add a step by applying fresh alcohol on some shower/tub surfaces but it is at your discretion and preference. Note: Please be sure you’re using MECHANICS’ SOLVENT to remove caulk or adhesive not grout. MECHANICS’ SOLVENT will not remove grout or cured paint.

MECHANICS’ SOLVENT removes fresh paint but won’t harm dry paint?

MECHANICS’ SOLVENT will remove fresh oil-based paint and stain, model paint, spray paint and other wet paints FROM DRY PAINT. This can be very beneficial removing adhesive, paint and other tough challenges on autos, interior and exterior surfaces and furniture without harming the surface.


MECHANICS’ SOLVENT contains no water, only 100% active ingredients and therefore is non-dilutable. A little goes a LONG ways however, so there is still great economy as is. We do offer an All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser that is great for everyday cleaning and can be diluted per instructions.

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by Michael Bostick on Mechanics' Solvent
Paint brushes

can this product be used to clean oil based paint and varnishes from paint brushes.

Both Pro Grade De-Solv-it Mechanics’ Solvent and Pro Strength Contractors’ Solvent will successfully remove wet or very FRESH oil-based paint, lacquer AND VARNISH from virtually any surface including paint brushes. Some of the appeal of both products is they will remove wet oil-based varnish (and wet oil-based paint) but not DRY varnish (or dry paint). Many times wet oil-based paint, caulk, adhesives and other tougher challenges will get onto dry painted surfaces such as furniture, walls, cabinets and floors and need to be removed without harming the DRY paint. These products are both terrific for these applications. And because both products can be used on skin and hair with only a mild soap (or shampoo) and water rinse, each works terrific on paint brushes. Hope this helps!