Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover in spray or wipes

The safer, effective adhesive remover

The safe choice for today and future generations. Gentle enough for delicate infant skin and powerful enough for top professional athletes, trainers and teams. Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover is used daily by patients, nurses and caretakers throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Safe around wounds and on skin

Medi-Sol has passed safety tests on muscle tissue and helps eradicate asphalt and tar from burn victim wounds. Also passed safety tests for skin, oral, inhalation and eyes. Gentle, yet powerful and effective. Used by top hospitals and veterinarian clinics throughout the U.S.

Gentle, even on delicate skin

Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover is used in neonatal units to easily remove adhesive tape and residue from premature infants and elderly patients with delicate, sensitive skin. Also removes TENS accessories, Ostomy appliances, nitro patches and other adhesive residue.

“Medi-Sol® is far and away the best solvent we’ve ever used. It removes tar and asphalt from the skin and mucous membranes safely and in half the time that other surface agents take. It (Medi-Sol®) is non-toxic, non-irritating, costs far less than other agents. Liberal application and gentle wiping will suffice to remove tar and asphalt from the skin. Eye injuries can be cleared by copiously irritating the eye with Medi-Sol® and saline solution.”

Dr. Glenn Warren

Director, Intermountain Burn Center

“…(5) Recently, isolated case studies have described the merits of surface-acting agents…Over 2 1/2 years, we have employed a new surface-active, petroleum-based solution to expedite removal of tar or asphalt from burn wounds without local or systematic side effects…This solution probed non-irritating and removed tar much faster than other agents.”

"Management of Tar and Asphalt Injuries"