Founder of Citrus-Based, Biodegradable Cleaning Technology


In the 30’s, dental impression cement was one of the toughest problems to remove. Many had attempted unsuccessfully to accomplish this. In 1932, Edwin Lloyd Ackerman, a chemist and father-in-law of ORANGE-SOL founder Albert Farnsworth, was blending a batch of impression cement. As he stopped for lunch and began to peel an orange, Inventor Ackerman noticed the resins dissolving from his hands.

After much research and sourcing of the highest quality components, the first formulation of Orange Solvent was born… and with this, so began the birth of Citrus Cleaning Technology. Upon Ackerman’s death in the mid-seventies, ORANGE-SOLVENT continued while an improved, more versatile version, De-Solv-it, was launched. Millions of bottles later, De-Solv-it remains the top International performer on a host of specialty applications including crayon, gum, candle wax, oil, grease and more.

Today, ORANGE-SOL green cleaning products and citrus technology spans five continents, millions of consumers and thousands of safer and proven applications in household, industrial and medical markets. We remain dedicated to providing safer, cost-effective products that not only perform, but are the safest products of their kind to you and the environment.



De-Solv-It: Safer for You, Your Children and Pets … And Our Environment

De-Solv-it products have been used to remove adhesive patches from premature babies in neo-natal units. Even tar and asphalt from and around burn victim wounds. In fact, De-Solv-it is written up as safe in such prestigious medical publications as American Journal of Surgery and Emergency Medicine Journal, and has passed safety tests for:  Eye Irritation, Inhalation, Muscle Tissue, Oral Toxicity and Primary Skin Irritation.

De-Solv-it has also been used in veterinary clinics and wildlife preserves to remove adhesive, asphalt and other tough challenges from pets and wildlife.

Over 200,000 gallons of De-Solv-it was used to help clean up the tragic Alaskan Oil Spill. De-Solv-it became the natural cleaning supplies safety standard due in part to its exceptional performance and unmatched safety. It’s no wonder De-Solv-it became the top brand on over 12,000 workers, their boats and equipment.

Since, De-Solv-it has been used around the world to help clean up other large oil spills. Imagine how well De-Solv-it products will clean yours!