De-Solv-it – THE BEST!!
B. A. Bridges, USA

“This is the best product on the market for dissolving gunk and goo. I have tried others and they don’t work. I use De-Solv-it to remove pitch, gummy stickers and anything else that’s hard to remove from almost any surface, including clothes. I just spray it on and launder as usual.”

Rick, USA

“I panic when I see I’m running low. This will remove any grease related stain. I used it just today to remove a unnoticed grease stain on a favorite shirt that had been washed and dried. I sprayed the stain with de-solv-it and rubbed it to make sure it penetrated the spot and put it back in the laundry. No more grease spot. My daughter has given me clothes from the baby that were “ruined” and I returned them like new. I’ve told everyone about this product and all agree and keep this product at all times.”

De-Solv-it is #1!
Pam, USA

“I have used this product since it came on the market, and I have not found ANYTHING that is comparable to it. Hard to find in my area, but I scout the internet and buy it in volume. It removes every single thing that is noted that it removes, and then some. Especially tree sap as we have a lot of that where we live. I have yet to find anything sticky that it won’t remove, and it also removes things that aren’t sticky, but are stuck on. Hope it is never removed from the shelves.”

C. Wegand, USA

“I had a small spray bottle of this some years ago. When I moved the bathroom floor had a carpet which I removed. Could not find anything to desolve the glue that had been used to lay the carpet. Found my small bottle and tried it. Really works. Even had contractor say nothing would desolve the glue wihtout ruining the floor tile. Well, floor looks great. I bought the 33oz bottle from Amazon as the local stores did not have it. Then I told the local hardware store. After trying it out themselves they now carry it in the store. Works great and smells good too.”

Nan in Cali, USA

“This cleaner will remove dirt that other cleaners can’t touch. When I tried to remove the dried, hardened, greasy dirt with increasingly stronger cleaners – even full strength ammonia, it would not budge. I finally tried De-Solv-it and it came off with one swipe! I have used other citrus cleaners and, although they are great, they are nowhere near as effective as De-Solv-it… Spray a little on a non-stick skillet where the oil has built up and it will dissolve within minutes… I can’t name anything that De-Solv-it hasn’t been able to clean for me including gum. I love it!”

I. Enquist, USA

“After pulling up a vinyl floor the concrete sub-floor was covered with an ancient thick black tar-like adhesive. The old school hardware stores offered me the most insanely poisonous cancer causing chemicals to try and remove it. I refused these and started working every other less deadly option to try and remove the gunk in preparation for tiling. The gunk defeated everything and power tools made hardly a dent. I was considering buying a $400.00 professional resurfacing tool until I tried De-Solv-it (Contractors’ Solvent). This stuff destroyed the old adhesive, making it easy to scrape off and leaving no residue. Resulted in a perfect surface for thin-setting. Smells great and you don’t need a mask or gloves. Incredible.”

De-Solv-it – GREASE IS GONE!
Rebecca R., USA

“This is the only product that will remove grease stains from clothes… my husband is notorious for them, and all of his shirts would be ruined if not for this product. I usually don’t see the stain until after the 1st washing, but de-solv-it still takes the stain out on the second washing. No grease stain has been too set-in for it.”

K. McNeely, USA

“They don’t carry this stuff in the grocery because you’d never buy those other laundry spot removers if they did. I tried this first on an expensive sweatshirt with an OLD grease stain. I loved that shirt but had relegated it to the yard clothes drawer because of the unsightly spot. I pre-spotted it with this stuff before washing and could hardly believe my eyes when I took it out of the dryer and the spot was gone. I went nuts with enthusiasm and sprayed all my old grease spotted clothes as well as other stains and threw them in the washer. Some of those spots were years old and had been washed countless times. ALL of the stains came out… Periodically, I’m tempted to try a new (cheaper) product but I’m always disappointed and return to this. Nothing can compare. Even my yard clothes now look good. I’ve used it on many fabrics, even silk. I’ve never had any color loss or damage to any clothes as a result of using it. Because of these other reviews I’m going to try it on other things too–it’s never gotten out of the laundry room except for removing sticker goo which was what I bought it for. I only discovered how wonderful it was as a laundry spot remover by accident–I’d tried everything on that first sweatshirt with no luck until the label on this wonderful stuff indicated it could be used on laundry–in tiny print.”

R. Hendrix, USA

“This product will get grease stains out of clothing even after it has been through the dryer. Just spray it on. No scrubbing needed. My husband will bring me a shirt thinking it is ruined with grease. I just spray and let it sit for a few minutes and then run it through the wash. It will take all of the grease signs away. I tell everyone who will listen about this product. It is a well kept secret. I highly recommend it.”

A. J., USA

“My little Maltese dog got into a rat glue trap in the garage and was stuck tight when I found him. After getting him out of the trap, I used De-Solv-It to get the glue out of his hair and off his skin before I could shampoo him. De-Solv-It removed all trace of the glue. I will never be without this product.”


We receive thousands of testimonials by phone, email, snail-mail and posts that often start out as, “I’ve never contacted a company to THANK THEM…”. We’re always humbled by your feedback and recomendations.

We also recognize that while millions know De-Solv-it products are synonymous with quality and safety, there is a wide audience that may not be familiar with De-Solv-it and some of our new products. We want our products to earn YOUR trust too. After all, what good is a product that you spend hard-earned money on if it doesn’t do what it claims and isn’t the safest choice doing it.

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