Citrus Cleaner Degreaser

Excellent general cleaner and degreaser around the kitchen and home, with more uses built into every bottle for greater economy. Versatile, multi-surface cleaner degreaser with the power of citrus. No harmful vapors and safe around people, pets and our planet.

Citrus degreasing power

De-Solv-it® Citrus Cleaner Degreaser cleans and degreases fast and easily. Surfaces are left clean and residue-free! Simply spray and wipe clean. Great around cooking areas, counters, sinks and even floors.

People and Pet Friendly

We care about safety, especially around people and pets. De-Solv-it Citrus Cleaner Degreaser is safe to use on virtually any surface including any water-safe counters, flooring, granite, wood and fixtures.


De-Solv-it Citrus Cleaner Degreaser is biodegradable and built for the environment without compromise to efficacy. With more and more regulations stifling other products’ performance, De-Solv-it products and their safer, innovative technologies still perform great.

Excellent general cleaner and degreaser.

Grease spills and splatters are fast and easy with De-Solv-it® Citrus Cleaner Degreaser. Simply spray and wipe for easier cleanups in the kitchen and around the home. With light citrus influence, grease wipes up easily without any residue. From the founder of citrus-based cleaning technology, ORANGE-SOL.

Removes light soils and grease.
De-Solv-it Citrus Cleaner Degreaser removes tough grease and grime from virtually any surface including autos, appliances, cabinets, counters, dry paint, fixtures, grills, sinks and more.
from virtually any surface
Use De-Solv-it Citrus Cleaner Degreaser on virtually any surface including bedding, carpet, clothing, concrete, counters, fabric, fixtures, hard surfaces, grills, paint, upholstery, wood and more.

General Use: Pour, spray, wipe directly onto area. For tougher jobs, allow sufficient time for penetration. Rinse with clean water as needed.


We believe you deserve cleaning products that remove what they say they will. Therefore, we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion of this environmentally friendly cleaner with proof of purchase, and ORANGE-SOL will refund the full purchase price.

How is Citrus Cleaner Degreaser different than De-Solv-it Citrus Solution?

Citrus Cleaner Degreaser is an every day, water-based cleaner with some of Citrus Solution’s grease cutting properties. While Citrus Solution removes hundreds of extra tough challenges including wet paint, asphalt, waxes, adhesives and more, Citrus Cleaner Degreaser is a general cleanup product that excels at removing grease and light soils. It can be used essentially anywhere water can be applied without damaging surfaces.

Can I dilute Citrus Cleaner Degreaser?

De-Solv-it Citrus Cleaner Degreaser is ready-to-use so this is not recommended.

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Citrus Cleaner Degreaser
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