America's Original Citrus Solution and Goo Getter

Removes thousands of tough challenges from virtually any surface, even laundry, skin & hair. Removes icky, sticky, gooey, waxy, oily spills, spots and stains from any surface. Also removes adhesive, candle wax, stickers, lipstick, make-up, grease and more! Eco-Friendly Remover, 100% Organic, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable. Mom Approved™ and Made in USA.

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4 star rating

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Use our environmentally friendly cleaner and spot remover on:

De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™ removes tree sap, petroleum jelly, meat slime and other “icky” challenges from skin, hair, autos, counters, fixtures and virtually any surface.
Removes sticky items including decals, bumper stickers, price stickers, auto window stickers and tape, adhesive residue from any surface, even chrome, glass, wood and auto finishes.
De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™ removes asphalt and tar from autos, floors, rugs, clothing and even pet paws and hair. Even used in veterinary clinics and wildlife centers on birds and animals.
Removes crayon, candle wax, soap buildup, waxy shoe polish, waxy cosmetics and much more. Use on shower doors for FAST soap residue removal with no harmful vapors.
De-Solv-It Citrus Solution™ removes automotive, kitchen and food oils (including pasta sauce), especially from concrete floors, cabinets, ovens, stove tops and colorfast washables.
De-Solv-It Citrus Solution™ is a great remover of hard-to-remove messes around the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Also an excellent stainless steel sink and garbage disposal cleaner.
and more
Removes buildup and odor including fish & onion odor, pet odors, garbage disposal buildup, wet oil-based paint, stain and lacquer and much more.
Use De-Solv-It Citrus Solution™ on virtually any surface including carpet, clothing, concrete, counters, fabric, hard surfaces, paint, stainless steel, upholstery, wood and more. Even skin and hair.


Hard Surfaces: Apply this Eco Friendly Product, Wipe, Rinse. In most cases, let sit 20-30 seconds. For tougher challenges, let sit longer before wiping. After using in dryer or on appliances or elements that produce heat, remove product thoroughly with soap and water AND LET DRY BEFORE USING appliance.

Using De-Solv-it citrus cleaner on Skin & Hair: Follow use with mild soap or shampoo and rinse.

Carpet & Upholstery stain removal: Apply to clean cloth. Blot problem area until removed. Rinse with water. Blot dry with clean cloth or paper towel. For best results, extract with wet/dry vac, Bissell, etc. IMPORTANT: DO NOT APPLY LIQUID DIRECTLY TO CARPET OR UPHOLSTERY OR ALLOW TO WET OR REACH CARPET BACKING. Use at your own risk on carpet. Always test on an inconspicuous area.

Not recommended for use on: acrylic and some plastics, uncoated wallpaper, butyl, suede & leather (will darken), silk, elastic items and khaki-colored fabric. On rubber, wash off after use.

Using De-Solv-it orange cleaner on Laundry (Colorfast Washables): Gently remove excess problem from fabric. Saturate problem area on both sides of fabric (let work 1-2 minutes). Blot area with paper towel. Re-spray and launder according to item manufacturer’s directions.



We believe you deserve citrus cleaning products that remove what they say they will. Therefore, we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion of this environmentally friendly cleaner with proof of purchase, and ORANGE-SOL will refund the full purchase price.


overall rating

4 star rating

  1. I love cleaning my bike with this product.

  2. It has faded a new shirt where sprayed, so best to prewash.
    I make sure Santa brings me a new bottle every year. It’s a tad pricey, but worth what it saves you in otherwise ruined clothing.

  3. I wish you gave more info on how it works and what it contains. Is it water soluble? How does it affect rubber? o-rings? etc. More info please.

    • Thank you for your comments. We too would like to fit much more on each label however there are SO MANY positive attributes and uses for each of our products it’s currently not possible to do so. However, please check out our website and each product’s page and attributes as we grow this information as fast and as best we can.

      To answer your specific questions, De-Solv-it Citrus Solution, and Pro De-Solv-it Contractors’ Solvent and Mechanics’ Solvent are not water soluble or water dilutable. In fact, for extra power, each contains 100% Active ingredients and no water. De-Solv-it Plus IS water soluble (which is especially handy for laundry use). We do not recommend diluting any of our De-Solv-it products unless the label encourages you to do so. Each of these products IS water rinsable. Even so, we encourage when using with heavier-duty applications where you may be reapplying the same material as what you have just removed (examples include silicone, caulk or floor adhesive), use a mild soap and water rinse just to be certain the surface is thoroughly clean before reapplication.

      Applying any of these products to rubber is typically fine with qualifiers. As long as you do not let the product sit for extended periods of time on rubber surfaces – in its native form – (approx. 10-15 minutes and longer) and you immediately rinse it off the applied to surface, the rubber surface should be fine. Again, we would recommend a mild soap and water after rinse in this case just to be safe. Please note, there are lots of variations of rubber surfaces and thinner or less dense the rubber surface, the less time you’ll want to let any of these outstanding products set.

      And ALWAYS, please test each product on an inconspicuous area of whatever surface you are applying it to. Today there are A LOT of variations with materials and surfaces that may seem to be a certain type but in fact turn out to be something different. Same truth applies to stains and challenges each product is recommended for.

      We hope this helps!

  4. I just wanted to say De-Solv-It is excellent for romoving sticky labels from wine bottles. We make pear cider and pear wine and bottle it in used wine bottles. I had no luck peeling the back label of the bottle apart to read the directions. The whole label peeled off and I was unable to separate it. Thanks for a good, safe-to-use product.

  5. Dorskey Spudwyzer January 23, 2014 at 7:19 am

    I use De-Solv-It Citrus Solution, which is an orange peel oil based water “rinsable” cleaner for removing dried tubular tire (a.k.a. sew-up tire) glue from aluminum bicycle rims. It takes an hour or more of repeated applications, rubbing and rinsing to get all of the dried glue dissolved in the cleaner, and then that sticky mess wiped off and then dissolved in water and washed off of the rim but it definitely does a thorough job. The first step is to spray a few drops of De-Solv-It WITHOUT WATER onto the dried rim cement between two spoke holes and rub it a few times with your finger and / or finger nail, and go around the rim doing one section at a time. By the time you get to the starting section the top surface of glue has softened up a little so spray a few more drops on (WITHOUT WATER) and rub some more and go around the rim again. You will need to go around the rim at least eight times this way to get the glue completely dissolved in the De-Solv-It. At this point you will have created a real sticky mess on the rim, spokes and your hands. The second phase is to wipe as much of the goo off with a paper towel. Wipe the paper towel cross wise to the direction of travel of the rim so as not to push the goo into the spoke holes. Then dissolve the sticky mess that’s still on the rim into water, it will not just rinse off with a hose. So spray a LITTLE water on a section or two and spray some De-Solv-It into the water and rub a few times. Notice that the De-Solv-It / water mixture turns white, which is an indication that the De-Solv-It is dissolving in the water and not just separating and gumming up. After you go around the rim each time rinse it off with a hose. You will need to go around the rim probably another six times repeating this water first De-Solv-It second, then rub and rinse routine. The final step is to use a small sponge with De-Solv-It dissolved in water to get the last of the sticky feel removed and then do a final rinse off with a hose.

    Avoid getting the cleaner on the decals on your rim because it can damage or remove them. I have not tried this process on graphite / epoxy (carbon) rims.

    • THANK YOU for posting such a helpful application and procedure to visitors! We’re adding your De-Solv-it tips to our growing list of “how-to’s” in our stain solver posts. As most De-Solv-it users discover, De-Solv-it can be used for thousands of icky, sticky, gooey, oily, waxy challenges and surfaces, many of which involve bikes! De-Solv-it also makes a terrific remover of excess oil and bicycle chain buildup even on laundry and skin. Again, thank you for your helpful De-Solv-it hints!

  6. I am a custodian at a school and teachers tend to put everything up with tape. Then at years end, there is a ton of sticky adhesive on the walls and doors. What I like about this product is that it doesn’t damage the finish or the paint on the walls and the adhesive comes off in a snap!

  7. Plus… it would be nice to get it in a bigger container.

  8. I love this product, it is amazing! There were only two stores where I live that carried your product; one went out of business and the other stopped carrying it, which is why I am here. Thank you for temporarily offering the free shipping!

  9. Had it under sink for jar labels. just finished roof job. I got Roofing adhesive on my hand and shoe.. This worked great. cleaned my hands without burning or pulling hair out. took it of my shoes to. I have to try the mechanic and the contractor strengths. Got to get larger size. I’m going to clean my tools. Great stuff!

  10. I learned something new today and De-Solv-it is an AMAZING simple grease/oil removal tool! I have lived in my home for forty two years and yearly, it is necessary to remove the old adhesive stickers from my vehicle license plates prior to applying the new ones, and I have used De-Solv-It to assist with the old sticker removal process for the past several years. This morning, however, when I moved my car from my garage out onto the driveway so I could do a bit of cleaning in the garage, I noticed a grease/oil residue, about a foot and a half in diameter, on the concrete garage floor and, as I already had the De-Solv-It nearby, I thought, ” oh what the heck,” and used paper towels to blot up the excess liquid, and then sprayed the De-Solv-It on the area. After five or so minutes, I used paper towels to wipe up the area where I had applied the product and I did not scrub the area! I just wiped the area where I had sprayed De-Solv-It and my garage floor is clean. Your company needs to do a television/web commercial and let people know there is an easy way to remove those grease/oil stains from garage floors. I have tried more products than I care to remember in an attempt to keep my garage floor clean, with forceful scrubbing throughout the years, and NEVER have I achieved even close results to what I achieved this morning with just a simple blot, spray, and wipe. . AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wish the grease/oil leaking from my car could be taken care of so easily.

  11. i love this product!!! i have birds so i cannot use chemicals in my home. i use this for everything from bugs to cleaning the oven. i can spray roaches on the cage and not harm the birds. do not get on the birds or food but roaches die within a seconds. i live in Florida so bugs are a big problem and you cannot spray bug killer around the birds.this i can safety use around the birds. it also cleans everything from sticky residue to ovens .

  12. I Love this product. – there is No substitute for it, nothing comes close.
    I tell my friends about it and I am ever thankful for the friend that introduced me to this.
    thank you for making such a great product.

  13. I’ve used it for years as a cleaner and roach killer, since I don’t like toxic chemicals. I’m very disappointed that Wal-Mart quit selling it, at least in my area.

  14. This product worked great on getting pine tree sap off our long haired cat. He had it everywhere. The sap came right off and the de-solv-it didn’t phase him. Thank you.

  15. I didn’t find the product in my area when I put my address into the location services you provided to find the product. I find that hard to believe. I live in the Raleigh North Carolina area. Is De-Solv-It available here?

    • Thank you for the inquiry. You can purchase De-Solv-it Citrus Solution via any ACE, True Value and Doit Best hardware retailers and some Piggley Wiggley’s. You can also purchase via Amazon and online. You may also enter your zip code in our store locator for specific addresses.

  16. I have had chewing gum stuck to my favourite (only expensive jacket i own) for months and had no luck getting it off.

    Today I used the “sticky stuff” remover and it cam off in seconds! so so happy!!

  17. I have been using this for a few years… maybe 4 yrs for my kiddos medical sticky residue from the Skin tac used to keep their medical device tubing attached to their bodies. Safe and effective and doesn’t bother them at all. A bottle of this can last me a really long time since that is about all I use it for. I have used it to remove paint off wood furniture. Works GREAT! Love this stuff!

  18. How do you rate a product that work great,takes the grease out of clothes that have been in the dryer, but the new smell is unbeabarable. I have to wash every thing a second or third time to get the smell out. I would like the old smell better. So instead of a four which I think it deserves, I have to give it a two because of the smell.
    Change it and it will be a four again.

    • Thank you! We value customer feedback. There was a VERY BRIEF period (about two years ago) we opted for a “functional equivalent” of one of our many eco-friendly ingredients. With the best of intentions, this decision resulted in even more uses for this product but compromised the wonderful smell. Some loyal customers quickly reminded us this was an unnecessary trade-off. Shortly after, De-Solv-it returned to the wonderful smell and efficacy you are used to.

  19. I have been using this product for years. I live in Israel and always make sure to have a supply by bringing it back with me when ever I visit the States. (Dear De Solv It, please bring the product to Israel!!) I use it for sticky places but also in the laundry with great results. I’m going to try the laundry formula now too. I’ll just say, in case it’s helpful to anyone, we tried to contractor’s formula (in hubby’s workshop) as well but like the original best.

  20. I use this on car valet to wash windows works amazing.
    Fantastic product for removing tar engine clean up

  21. 4 is not enough stars!!! We used it for absolutely everything as my kids were growing up.
    Safe to be around the little ones and pets, yet completely kills stains.
    Lipstick, crayon on walls, CANDLE WAX out of a table cloth, spaghetti sauce on my daughter NEW white outfit. Pine Tar out of my dad’s shirt after cutting down a tree.
    Even OLD stains come clean. Old oil spots on your favorite shirt where you dripped some kind of sauce, just spray, let completely dry (like let it dry and toss it in the hamper) and wash, GONE!
    AWESOME STUFF!!! Did I mention Gum out of your babies hair? and the dog’s hair? yep it’s a thing….

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