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Citrus Cleaning Solvent Removes Trash Can Odor

Orange-Sol —  May 12, 2016

Food is delicious, but sometimes even those delicious meals come with an awful stench, often from the kitchen trash can. Did you have fish the night before, or maybe something with ranch, onions, or eggs?  Or possibly, you have just been too busy to take the trash out for the past couple days? Here’s a quick tip to remove trash can odors!

Easy Trash Can Odor Remover

De-Solv-it Citrus Solution is a safe, organic solvent to combat your trash can odor problems.  This environmentally friendly, citrus cleaning solvent is “Mom Approved”and should be in every household to get rid of those awful trash can odors.  It’s safe on skin and hair, and with active ingredients including citrus oils and organic wetting agents, there are no toxic vapors that accompany use.  Eco0friendly De-Solv-it leaves the area smelling fresh!

How To Get Rid of Trash Can Odors

To use De-Solv-it Citrus Solution as a trash odor remover, simply spray the orange cleaner to the inside of your household trash pail and wipe with a paper towel or cloth. After sitting a few seconds, you may also rinse with water.  In most cases, it will only take this terrific citrus cleaning solvent a few seconds of surface time to remove the odor.

In addition to removing the odor, this orange powered solvent also removes grimy trash can build up such as sticky or hardened grease residues.  Apply the citrus-based solvent on the inside and outside of the trash can, as well as both sides of the lid for a complete clean.  For pet stain odor and pet stains on floors, carpet and litter boxes, use De-Solv-it Pet Stain & Odor Remover for excellent results.