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Remove Baked-on Grease from Stainless Steel Grills and Grill Grates

Orange-Sol —  May 4, 2016

How to Clean BBQ Grill Grates and Stainless Steel Grills

Baked-on grease can be found on the inside of an oven, on grates of a barbeque grill as well as on the outside of stainless steel grills. A crust of black hardened grease that can build up inside and outside your grill or stove. The inside baked-on grease can leave your grill with a smell of something burning, and can affect the taste of foods.

Use either of our outstanding citrus degreasers, De-Solv-it Citrus Solution or De-Solv-it Stainless Steel Cleaner, to remove baked-on grease from the steel of your oven and BBQ grates, and rid you of the burnt and unappetizing scents and flavors associated with it. Both products are terrific exterior stainless steel cleaners too.

Time to Clean your BBQ

The first step in the removal process is to ensure that the heat source is off, and the surface is cool to the touch. Remove the oven racks or grill grates, and scrape off as much of the debris as you can with a wire or nylon brush.

Spray the citrus solvent directly onto the BBQ grill grates, and let penetrate for up to 5 minutes. You’ll begin to see results immediately! Once the cleaner and degreaser has set in, scrape off the baked-on remenants with a scraper such as a mud or putty knife. When the residue builds up on the knife and begins to interfere with scraping, rinse the scraper with product.

When the walls of the oven or BBQ have been scraped, wipe away the citrus degreaser with paper towels or a cloth. For tougher challenges, repeat this application with either orange powered degreaser. The final step in cleaning and removing baked-on grease from steel, is thoroughly rinsing off any citrus oil residue with mild soap and water. Let dry completely before using the clean appliance.

The De-Solv-it brand is trusted by mechanics, contractors, as well as moms and dads everywhere. De-Solv-it is guaranteed to satisfy, and guaranteed to be safe on humans, the environment and animals. There are no harmful vapors associated with the orange cleaner and it’s safe on skin and hair. Ingredients are an eco-friendly proprietary cleaning system that includes essential oils and organic wetting agents.