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Glue Removal: Dried Bike Tube Glue

De-Solv-it —  January 23, 2016

I use De-Solv-it Citrus Solution top remove dried bike tube glue. More specifically, for removing dried tubular tire (a.k.a. sew-up tire) glue from aluminum bicycle rims. It takes an hour or more of repeated applications, rubbing and rinsing to get all of the dried glue dissolved in the cleaner, and then that sticky mess wiped off and then dissolved in water and washed off of the rim. It definitely does a thorough job.

The first step is to spray a few drops of De-Solv-it WITHOUT WATER onto the dried rim cement between two spoke holes and rub it a few times with your finger and / or finger nail, and go around the rim doing one section at a time. By the time you get to the starting section the top surface of glue has softened up a little so spray a few more drops on (WITHOUT WATER) and rub some more and go around the rim again. You will need to go around the rim at least eight times this way to get the glue completely dissolved in the De-Solv-It. At this point you will have created a real sticky mess on the rim, spokes and your hands.

The second phase is to wipe as much of the goo off with a paper towel. Wipe the paper towel cross wise to the direction of travel of the rim so as not to push the goo into the spoke holes. Then dissolve the sticky mess that’s still on the rim into water, it will not just rinse off with a hose. So spray a LITTLE water on a section or two and spray some De-Solv-it into the water and rub a few times. Notice that the De-Solv-it / water mixture turns white, which is an indication that the De-Solv-it is dissolving in the water and not just separating and gumming up.After you go around the rim each time rinse it off with a hose. You will need to go around the rim probably another six times repeating this water first De-Solv-It second, then rub and rinse routine.

The final step is to use a small sponge with De-Solv-it dissolved in water to get the last of the sticky feel removed and then do a final rinse off with a hose.

(NOTE FROM De-Solv-it: We love hearing specific or unusual applications for our products! Here’s a tip for making this process even more terrific. Since De-Solv-it® Citrus Solution™ is non-dilutable and already made up of 100% active ingredients, this process will likely go even faster if users will hold off the water rinse until the end. The water only interferes with De-Solv-it’s efficacy so you may shave even more time by holding off on its use until the end rinse! Even so, thanks for sharing your success story!)