Heavy-Duty Silicone, Grease & Adhesive Remover

Specifically developed for the pro and farm & ranch extra demands. This industrial degreaser workhorse is exceptional at cleaning virtually any surface such as wood, concrete, clothes and even skin. Removes silicone, caulk, putty nails, floor adhesive, water seal, wet paint (won’t harm dry paint), roofing tar and more!

Versatile Product

In addition to sticky oily waxy buildup, Farm & Ranch Solvent removes hundreds of other challenges including oil, fresh oil-based paint, heavy-duty grease, tree sap, grime and heavy-duty waxes.

People and Animal Friendly

We care about safety, especially around people and animals. De-Solv-it has a tremendous safety legacy on large spills and on equipment. And it works.


De-Solv-it is built for the environment too without compromise to efficacy. With more and more regulations stifling other products’ performance, De-Solv-it products and their safer, innovative technologies still perform great. Throughout the world and especially in California.

Industrial Strength Workhorse Around The Farm & Ranch

Specifically developed for the rigors of farm & ranch. Designed for tough environments, this industrial degreaser workhorse is exceptional at cleaning concrete, removing silicone, caulk, putty nails, floor adhesive, water seal, wet paint (won’t harm dry paint), roofing tar and more from virtually any surface! A heavy duty degreaser and concrete cleaner; it’s even safe on vehicles, laundry, skin and hair! No harmful vapors, benzene or chlorinated solvents. Available in a 12 Fl. Oz. trigger sprayer bottle and much larger sizes.

Farm & Ranch Solvent removes duct tape and other tough adhesives from any surface. Beefier than regular De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™, works lightening fast on even tougher adhesives and residue.
bonding agents
Caulk, silicone, asphaltic cement, roofing tar and other bonding agents are no match for Farm & Ranch Solvent . Simply apply and keep moist and Farm & Ranch Solvent breaks the bond in minutes.
Equipment and tool oil, grease and lubricant removal from concrete, tools, wood, autos, clothing, skin and hair. If it’s a lubricant, Farm & Ranch Solvent removes it LIGHTENING FAST!
wet paint
Farm & Ranch Solvent removes fresh oil-based paint, stain and lacquers from virtually any surface. Removes fresh, but won’t harm dry painted surfaces once cured.
fresh foam insulation
Farm & Ranch Solvent removes fresh GREAT STUFF®, Dow® and other brands of expanding foam insulation while they are still wet. Works on skin, hair, concrete, clothing and more when you act FAST.
Removes wax of any kind, including surfboard wax, grimy wash tub soap buildup and much more. Terrific even on clothing, skin and hair.
and more
Farm & Ranch Solvent even removes glue gun adhesives, rubber cement, petroleum and cable jelly and other heavy-duty gooey challenges with no harmful vapors.
Use Farm & Ranch Solvent on virtually any surface including clothing, concrete, counters, fabric, hard surfaces, paint, upholstery, wood and more. Even skin and hair.
from virtually any surface
Use De-Solv-It Farm & Ranch Solvent on virtually any surface including carpet, clothing, concrete, counters, fabric, hard surfaces, paint, stainless steel, upholstery, wood and more. Even skin and hair.

*This Heavy Duty Citrus Solvent is not recommended for use on: butyl, suede, leather, any silks, rubber, & elastic items. Remove clothing before treating. This product may not be compatible with all carpeting. ON CARPETING, USE AT OWN RISK. For best results on carpet, extract with wet/dry vac, Bissell, etc. Do not use on rubber backed rugs.

To remove floor adhesive: 1. Apply (pour or spray) one coat coverage: 200 – 250 Sq. Ft. per gallon (approximately). 2. Remove liquefied adhesive with wet/dry vac, silica sand, cat litter or shovel/scraper. 3. Dispose of according to regulations. 4. Wash concrete thoroughly with degreaser floor wash and rinse before reapplying adhesive. IMPORTANT: Some darker floor adhesives such as cutback mastics will start to liquefy immediately. Some of the lighter, yellow/white latex adhesives may take 20 minutes to 2 hrs to show signs of softening. you may want to test a small area by keeping it consistently moist to better gauge the bond-breaking point of the older adhesive before applying this product to a larger area. Once this softening time-frame is determined, you can decide how large of an area at one time you would like to manage with more product.

Tough Stain Challenges (For Oil, Tars, Greases, Fresh Applications, Spills, etc.): 1. Apply. 2. Wipe. 3. Rinse for best results with this amazing citrus cleaning solvent.

Tougher Challenges (For Tougher Challenges that have started to set-up, yet are still pliable, or somewhat moist): 1. Apply, let set up to 5 min. 2. Peel, scrape, or wipe. 3. Rinse with water or mild soap and water if reapplying adhesive.

Toughest Challenges (For almost impossible challenges such as Liquid Putties, Latex Adhesives, Thicker Applications, Set lacquer, etc.): 1. Apply & let set up to 30 minutes to 2 hrs. 2. Keep moist with product. 3. Peel, scrape or wipe. Rinse.


We believe you deserve citrus cleaning products that remove what they say they will. Therefore, we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion of this environmentally friendly cleaner with proof of purchase, and ORANGE-SOL will refund the full purchase price.

What are the primary differences between CONTRACTORS’ SOLVENT, MECHANICS’ SOLVENT and FARM & RANCH SOLVENT?

Farm & Ranch Solvent removes a long list of challenges like Contractors’ Solvent and Mechanics’ Solvent including cured silicone, roofing tar, asphalt and caulks. Mechanics’ Solvent has a high dielectric strength (>50,000v) which affords it the ability to clean running electrical motors. Farm & Ranch Solvent is tailored specifically to a wide range of uses centric to ranch and farm equipment and implements such as cosmoline, very heavy-duty lubes and greases and tars.

Can I use Farm & Ranch Solvent on my vehicles or equipment to remove soot, sap, tar and other challenges?

Farm & Ranch Solvent is safe to use on vehicles, equipment, guns and more, using instructions for hard surfaces. Farm & Ranch Solvent will not harm dry paint or clear-coat finishes. This product is an excellent wax remover so after removing asphalt, grease and tar, you may want to relax your vehicle. To clean interior stains, use the instructions for carpeting and upholstery. Farm & Ranch Solvent may also be used on vinyl and non-tinted glass since tint is usually applied with adhesive. Be sure to wash Farm & Ranch Solvent off rubber surfaces after use.

Can Farm & Ranch Solvent be used on leather?

Farm & Ranch Solvent is not generally recommended on materials such as leather, silk, or suede as it will likely darken these materials. In some cases where the material can be rinsed with mild soap and water you may see less darkening. Certainly many customers have opted for slightly darker leather versus discarding the item.

I was painting and made a mess, what can I do?

Farm & Ranch Solvent will remove spills and fresh paint splatter and stain from hard surfaces, clothing, carpet and upholstery. Farm & Ranch Solvent will not harm hair and therefore is also an excellent paint brush cleaner when you are done with the job!

Can I use Farm & Ranch Solvent on glass?

Farm & Ranch Solvent is non-corrosive and will not harm glass. Farm & Ranch Solvent is used quite often on windows, glass and wood frames, mirrors, shower doors and other glass surfaces. After removing the soap scum, stickers, soot or other challenge with Farm & Ranch Solvent, wipe with a wet cloth or paper towel. Then finish up with your favorite glass cleaner for best results.

Can I dilute Farm & Ranch Solvent ?

Farm & Ranch Solvent contains no water, only 100% active ingredients and therefore is non-dilutable. A little goes a LONG ways however so there is still great economy as is.

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