At ORANGE-SOL, De-Solv-it PRODUCT SAFETY is our most critical design parameter. Even so, we believe it MUST harmonize with STRONG EFFICACY. 

Regularly, we collect data on De-Solv-it products and their components to assure minimum degree of hazard, especially with respect to skin and eye irritation, inhalation, and ingestion. We also endeavor to manufacture products whose flash points are as high as possible. We will not formulate with any components that are known carcinogens. 

Many of our product components are graded significantly safer than those used by products attempting to compete with De-Solv-it products, especially those striving to compete solely on cost. Along with 100% effectiveness, we believe animal, human and environmental safety takes precedent, even over item cost, especially since eco-system, human and animal life are priceless in comparison.

Since 1932, we have developed products to serve a broad spectrum of customer needs; from medical applications to the remediation of major oil spills. Some versions of De-Solv-it products clean everything from gum in household carpet to residue on massive earth movers with no harmful vapors or hazardous components. 

Variations of De-Solv-it® have been safely used to remove adhesive patches from premature babies in neonatal units. Even tar and asphalt from and around burn victim wounds. A version of De-Solv-it was even presented favorably to the American Burn Center Conference by Intermountain Burn Center of Salt Lake City, UT and was recommended by The American Journal of Surgery and American Burn Association for use on burn wounds.

Over the years, De-Solv-it branded products and sibling brand Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover have been used as an adhesive and tar remover in trauma centers, hospitals, and care facilities across the U.S. These facilities include Cedar Sinai Hospital, George Washington Hospital, Intermountain Burn Center, Primary Children’s Hospital, and Berkeley Medical Center, to name a few.

De-Solv-it products have also been safely used in veterinarian clinics, wildlife preserves and homes on birds, reptiles, wild animals and on domestic cats and dogs.

It’s no wonder, with millions of loyal users, De-Solv-it Citrus Solution, Pro Strength De-Solv-it Contractors’ Solvent and other ORANGE-SOL products lead the way by remaining loyal to these same standards of safety and efficacy.