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How to Remove Grease Stains After The Dryer

Orange-Sol —  June 21, 2016

Whether you’re cooking with hot oil that splatters or fixing something under the hood of your car, grease will inevitably find its way to your clothes. Too often, these get discovered after the item has emerged from the dryer. Unfortunately, grease stains and oil stains are among the most difficult to completely remove from fabrics and surfaces, especially after the dryer. Getting rid of those pesky spots can be tedious. Not to mention when you can’t get all of the stain out!

Before you drive yourself crazy trying to rub your grease stains out with a subpar grease remover, consider a few sprays of De-Solv-it Launder Saver, formerly De-Solv-it Plus. De-Solv-it Laundry Saver is an extremely effective grease remover, especially when it comes to clothing. This eco-friendly cleaner is also capable of removing kitchen oils, olive oils, and other food-related greases and oils from all sorts of fabrics EVEN OUT OF THE DRYER.

Environmental friendliness, safety and efficacy are all important characteristic of De-Solv-it products and as such, we want the entire world to use these eco-friendly cleaners to remove grease stains and other applicable messes.

Remove Grease Stains After The Dryer with De-Solv-it Laundry Saver

To remove these pesky after dryer stains, simply spray the item with De-Solv-it Laundry Saver and let the product sit for a few extra seconds. For tougher buildup, work the product into the fabric with your fingers and spray again before laundering. Simply rewash the garment according to the item manufacturers instruction and out and the stain disappears! Be sure to check the spot before it runs through the dryer again and reapply again in rare instances.

Next time you run into a grease stain that doesn’t seem to go away, give De-Solv-it Laundry Saver a spray and watch it disappear before your eyes!