More Testimonials

S. Zupanek, KY, USA

“You have an excellent product I have tried many other cleaners in the past and have never been as quickly impressed with any product till I tried yours. It just takes dirt away and doesn’t ruin surfaces and doesnt smell awful. As a consumer I was very impressed with the quality of your product and will be sure to use it in the future.”

L. Yandell, AR, USA

“I just wanted to write and tell you all how much I appreciate your wonderful product. While my 8th grade daughter was participating in athletics, a group of girls vandalized the locker room by writing on the walls and mirrors with red lipstick. They then got into my daughter’s gym bag and used her brand new Calvin Klein jacket to smear the lipstick. Needless to say, we both thought the jacket was a hopeless case. Not knowing what would be good to use and fearing I’d make matters worse, I called a friend for advice on a product to use. She suggested De-Solv-it. I was skeptical, but bought it anyway. I followed your directions on the bottle by spraying, and waiting a couple minutes; then blotting. To my amazement the bright red lipstick completely came out. There’s not even a faint sign of it left. I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve never written a letter like this before, but I’m really impressed with this product!

H. Mederer, USA

At Florida Wildlife Hospital in Melbourne, Florida, we often use De-Solv-it to remove tar, oil, glue, or other substances from the animals that we treat. Recently, we treated a woodpecker that was covered with soot, tar, ashes, and glue. We were very happy to have a safe substance to remove this harmful covering from her feathers. After two baths in three days, we were able to release her back to the wild. There have been some discussions on the “wildlife list serv” about a product called G– G—. I do not know if the many rehabilitators who use this product are aware that it can be toxic to the animals they use it on.

Each year, we attend several wildlife rehabilitation conferences throughout Florida. We would be happy to tell people about De-solv-it, and even to hand out free samples or information if you would like us to. We would need you to send us any samples or information that you would want us to distribute.

We feel very confident about De-solv-it and would like to inform other rehabilitators that there is a safer product for them to use on animals.”

S. McAndrew, PA, USA

“I purchased De-Solv-It in order to remove, dirt, or perhaps I should call it filth, on very old boat cushions. I had tried using many other cleaning products full strength on these cushions without any result I have attached a couple pictures that will show you how well the De-solv-It worked. I was absolutely amazed. Many thanks for such a wonderful product. I have told many friends about it already.”

IT HAS TO BE De-Solv-it!
M. Bianco, FL, USA

“I want to say how fantastic I think your product De-Solv-it is. My husband used to have his own carpet cleaning business and I know clean!! With three kids and cats and a dog, it’s not always easily achieved. I love De-Solv-it and the Home Depot here where I used to buy it no longer carries it. (I purchased something supposedly comparable which I hate.)

Do you know of where I can buy more? Thank you…and it’ll work on the Harley!”

M. Bard, USA

“I work in school food service and had grease on my work tops that would not come out with anything. After many weeks of washing these shirts, the grease was in there to stay. I was told about your product and sprayed some on and washed the shirts and the grease came out, unbelievable. Also stickers on a new bathtub, gone. Thank you for such a great product. I can’t wait to see if it takes off road grease and tar from my husbands motorcycle.”

T. McPherson, AZ, USA

With all the so called “Miracle” products out, I myself, have only come across two. Yours is one of them. My husband helped a friend put on a new roof….in a brand new white dress shirt and new jeans!!! He appologized and told me I would probably have to throw the shirt away. Well…De-Solv-it and I sure surprised him! The tar came out of the shirt so completely you couldn’t tell he’d ever worn it. What a nice surprize for both of us, because even I wasn’t sure it would work.
The main reason I am writing you, is to express my delight over yet another, rather odd use for your product. On a whim, I grabbed my De-Solv-it to see if it would take the tarnish off a silver serving dish. It not only took off the tarnish, but after rinsing and drying, it looked as good as if I had used silver polish. 

I don’t know if you have any idea how time consuming and messy cleaning silver is, but let me tell you it can be quite a labor. I have quite a large amount that I keep out for display and daily use, so it needs to stay nice looking. I still use the polish for very old tarnished pieces (you know, the kind your not even sure are silver underneath!), but I ONLY use De-Solve-it for all my other pieces now. I have spent a small fortune on cleaning products for my silver, and have not been happy with any of them. They all smell terrible, and there is still a lot of mess and work involved. With your product, I simply take all my pieces to the sink, spray, rub lightly, rinse, and dry. I’ve been doing this for a couple months now, and have seen absolutely no damaging effects. They actually seem to stay tarnish free longer. Anyway, I just really wanted to thank you, and to see if there was any possible way to let others know about this. Try it, you’ll be amazed!

L. Smith, CO, USA

“My blue truck was recently vandalized with white spray point over night.  After filing a police report and calling my insurance, I called my father on a whim that he may have an idea to remove it.  He told me to come over and get his “De-Solve-it,” let it soak for a few minutes, and then rub it off with a cloth.  His thought was that the paint underneath was still fresh and had not yet hardened, so there may be a chance this product could work.  I was skeptical, but drove to his house and did as he suggested.  To my complete and total disbelief, the white spray paint rubbed off before my very eyes!  After rinsing it with soap and water, the truck looks like new again.  My only regret is that I didn’t take a before and after picture because no one would believe that it had been spray painted just the night before!  Thank you so much for this product and saving me money!  I have become a loyal lifetime customer.”

J. Ericsson, MO, USA

“Hi — Here’s an unsolicited testimonial in the form of an email that I sent to my three adult children based on a recent experience with your product. You folks make a heckuva good product. My note to my kids follows:

Hey, I tried to post this on Facebook but the cr– I ran into in doing so made me (not noted for patience) say to h— with it. So here’s the deal:

Last night I spilled a bunch of orange colored candle wax on our beige colored carpet. It was a HUGE MESS. We called a couple of commercial carpet cleaners this morning to see what could be done. Their consensus was “good luck.”

Mom remembered we had a bottle of a product called De-Solv-It in our cleaning basket. She tried it on the stains. It worked miracles — no kidding. Orange stain was GONE. Barb doesn’t remember where she bought the product — may have been Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target. Wherever it was, this stuff works! BIG TIME!

If you don’t have a bottle of De-Solv-It in your cleaning basket, find it somewhere and get it.

Love, Dad

When I find a product that really does work, I believe in telling other people about it. My hope is that experiences such as mine help spread the word about what undoubtedly is an excellent product.”

K. Mitchell, OK, USA

“I rarely take time to send these types of compliments, quite frankly, there are usually not many opportunities. But, I was so impressed with how well your product, De-Solv-it, worked on a near catastrophic mess I made, I had to write. We had just installed brand new carpet in my mother’s home in preparation for sale, sign in the yard, etc.  I was doing some small cosmetic fixes including touching up woodwork with stain. Deciding to make one last pass on a cabinet door, I bumped my hand that was holding the can of stain. You can imagine my horror. We had just cleaned out the house, so there was NOTHING to attempt cleaning up the mess, even if it was possible. I ran to an Ace Hardware where I was given advice about what NOT to use and was directed to several products including your product. Convinced that anything was hopeless and resolved to the idea that I would be replacing the carpet in this particular room, I tried the first product with no positive results. I then tried De-Solv-it and could not believe my eyes. My towels just picked the dark brown stain right up!! After a few sprays and a few jots, the stain was completely gone.
You can not even tell there was ever a mishap. Kudos to this product!
It even smells great!!

Thanks for saving me the expense of new carpet and the stress of not having to delay sale of the home!!”

A. Rodriguez, PA, USA

“I have had occasion to become somewhat familiar with your De-Solv-it in my former 20 years as a Head Start teacher.  It was a great and safe part of our classroom–taking crayon marks off and getting the adhesive residue off.

Well, now that I am home more (enjoying kind of a preretirement, ha ha), I have my reliable De-Solv-it at home with me.  And I feel I must share a wonderful story with you all:

I am a “Depression Baby.”  My parents saved EVERYTHING, in part for sentiment and in a greater part because we were a farm family and money was very tight anyway.  One of the things I “inherited” upon my father’s death was a wooden flat board that was his mother’s.  She was a fantastic cook, making her own noodles, kiffles, and any other mouthwatering Hungarian dish you could imagine.  She died only months before I was born in 1946.  My Mom, her daughter-in-law, a great PA Dutch cook inherited the cooking tools, and the spirit and talents of “Oreg-Ama.”  But I digress.  This flat board had been buried in Dad’s basement since Mom died in ’82.  The old coal furnace left grime and LOTS of dust on everything.  I brought it to my home, washed it with a few popular products, but the black residue seemed imbedded in the rich oak wood.  Tossing it was out of the question, as it was made by my hero–my grandfather!  So I used it as a hot pad.

Today, I pulled out my De-Solv-it to clean the mess in all the unreachable places of my stove.  Some inadvertently sprayed onto the board.  After wiping the stove grime, I noticed the wet marks on the board and wiped it off the spots.  THE BLACK SOOT GRIME WIPED ALMOST ALL OFF so I continued spraying and wiping.  I now find that there are fancy cut marks on the board that identically match the noodle cutter that I have of my Oreg-Ama’s. The board and cutter can now be actually put on display!! And to think, I was contemplating sanding the board to make it look nice.

Again, my deepest appreciation for such a wonderful product!!  Have a great day!”

D. Waters, SC, USA

I just wanted to say “thank you” for your product De-Solv-it. It’s the best cleaner I have EVER used. It takes the South Carolina road tar off of my vehicles with ease, and I just used it to remove polyurethane from my hands. It also cleaned my white dry-erase board at in my classroom to make it look like new. Thank you again!

J. Chesney, TN, USA

Yesterday morning I walked into my living room to find my 2-year-old daughter decorating my expensive leather furniture and herself with a metallic Sharpie permanent marker. I was horrified! I immediately grabbed her and washed her off with soap and water. Then attempted to get the marker off. I tried soap and water and eventually even bleach cleaner. Nothing was helping. I was desperate because her daddy would be home in a few hours and needless to say he wouldn’t be happy. I drove to my nearest Wal-mart and bought nearly $30 in cleaning products. If it said it would remove marker or paint it was in my cart. After I got home your De-Solv-It was the first one I tried and to my great delight it removed the marker with little to no effort. You can’t tell that anything was ever there. I just had to write to tell you how impressed I was. I plan to return the other products I bought to the store and will always have a bottle of De-Solv-It in my closet. Thank you for making such a fabulous product that actually does what it says it will.

B. Mills, TX, USA

“I used De-Solv-It for the first time on a microwave that had gross grease that no other product would clean it up. Your product did and I will recommend this product to everyone I know! Thanks!”


Recently my husband and a large group of people were eating at Hooter’s restaurant, who are famous for their wings. My husband, dropped a piece of chicken on the front of his shirt. He attempted to clean with water. Before I laundered the shirt, I sprayed it with Shout. When it came out of the dryer, the greasy spot was still there. About a week later, when doing a load of colored clothes, I decided to us De-Solv-it, I sprayed it on, let it set then blotted before putting into the washer.

I checked it when it came out of the washer but could not tell for sure. The proof was when I took the shirt from the dryer—–the greasy spot was totally gone!!!!!. Why we had De-Solv-it I do not really know, I think my husband saw it one day while shopping and thought it would work on some greasy projects he was working on.This shirt was just a month or so old, and I was ready to put it in the “Work shirt” pile.

Thanks for a super product.”