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Remove Adhesive Residue from Glass and Car Paint

Orange-Sol —  March 21, 2016

Removing Bumper Stickers

Have you ever bought a used car off someone, and that person happened to love having bumper stickers way more than you do? Or maybe you have a bumper sticker that’s on the back of your car that says your child is an honor roll student from 10 years prior?

The residue attracts dirt and becomes unsightly; especially if the entire sticker was not possible to remove. You could pick and scrub at the adhesive residue or what is left of the sticker endlessly, or use De-Solv-it Citrus Solution or Pro De-Solv-it Mechanics’ Solvent for an easy removal process.

Car Sticker Removal

To remove adhesive residue from car windows or car paintwork, apply the citrus cleaning solvent to the area. Let sit for a minute or two; this will not harm the cars paintwork. After letting sit, wipe the window or body of the car with a soft cloth (i.e. microfiber towel) to prevent scratching of the paint. After window sticker removal, apply glass cleaner accordingly. After use on chrome, clear coat or auto paint, rinse the car with water, and then proceed to wash the body of your car with a mild soap or wash designed specifically for vehicles. To leave your car looking shiny clean, finish with a layer of wax.

Adhesive Remover 

Not only does De-Solv-it Citrus Solution and Pro De-Solv-it Mechanics’ Solvent remove adhesive residue, but each product does it in a way that is safe for the user and the environment. Who wouldn’t want to clean in a way that is effective, safe, and guaranteed to satisfy? The citrus-based remover’s active ingredients are bio-degradable, and include citrus oils and organic wetting agents.

There are no harmful vapors, so the need to get the personal protective equipment out of storage for cleaning your car, is not required. The citrus cleaning solvents are safe on skin, hair and the environment; And De-Solv-it Citrus Solution is mom-approved. (Tip: Be sure to apply when your auto is not on blacktop or asphalt as both De-Solv-it products are exceptional asphalt removers (from wheel wells, doors and wheels) and therefore both will adversely affect asphalt surfaces if allowed to reach them and not rinsed off in a timely manner.)