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Remove Exhaust Soot from Metal with Heavy Duty Degreaser

Orange-Sol —  March 19, 2016

The Best Degreaser in the Industry

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers diesel exhaust as one of the most dangerous types of air pollution. Pollution is linked to lung cancer, while soot and smog pollution are scientifically associated with death and respiratory problems each year. The diesel engines that emit this harmful pollution are found in long-haul trucks, buses, construction and agricultural equipment, as well as generators and some trains.

To remove diesel soot from exhaust pipes (carbon steel, aluminized steel, stainless steel), use the heavy duty degreaser, Pro De-Solv-it Mechanics’ Solvent. If diesel soot damages the environment and our health, imagine the residue it will leave behind on the exhaust pipes of vehicles and machinery that use the fuel source. What is left on the pipes is diesel particulate matter, or carbon compounds that were not fully combusted.

A Real Mechanics Solvent

To remove diesel soot, utilize De-Solv-it Mechanics’ Solvent specifically designed to clean parts in the mechanics trade that other products cannot. Apply the heavy duty degreaser directly onto the COOLED metal pipes, and let sit 1-5 minutes. Wipe the area where the Mechanics’ Solvent was applied, and then rinse. This could mean cleaning the solvent cleaned pipes as you would with a truck wash, or you could soak a towel with water and wipe the pipes to remove citrus oils. You may also spray the degreaser into a cloth before initially applying.

The Power of Orange 

The orange powered degreaser removes diesel soot, as well as numerous other tough household and industrial stain types, from virtually any surface. The citrus cleaning solvent is safe on humans, animals and the environment, and it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Active ingredients are derived from nature, such as citrus oils and organic wetting agents. It is reclaimable, excellent in parts washers and effective at removing those tougher stains.