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Remove Grease with Citrus Degreaser

Orange-Sol —  May 21, 2016

Some people view cooking as therapeutic, while others view it as a nuisance. One thing that is for sure regardless of your views and opinions towards cooking is that the clean-up process can be a sticky mess; especially when grease is involved. How do you remove grease from your kitchen?

The fatty substances just seem to smear, leave a filmy residue, and just never go away. For those delicious (but maybe not so healthy) greasy foods and the messes that go along with them, keep a bottle of the degreaser, De-Solv-it Citrus Solution, close by.

The mom-approved citrus degreaser can remove grease from just about any surface while preventing the spill of chemicals in to the environment and without the need of the protective wear recommended for use by most other degreasers. There are no smelly, toxic fumes associated with the citrus cleaning solvent, so ventilation of the area after use, is not required with this product. Something we all want… cleaning made easier!

De-Solv-it Citrus Solution can be used an a vast array of materials/ surfaces, therefore the orange powered degreaser could be used on clothing that grease jumps and sizzles on while cooking, as well as on the grill, stove top, and the kitchen fryer just to name a few.

When using the heavy duty degreaser on clothing (not for use on silk or khaki-colored clothing), saturate the stained area on both sides of the fabric and let it work its way into the stain for a few minutes. Blot the grease stained area with a paper towel, spray the area with De-Solv-it Citrus Solution again, and then launder the item according to the manufacturer’s direction.

When removing grease from hard surfaces, apply the eco-friendly degreaser, and let sit for 20-30 seconds (longer for stubborn stains), and then wipe and rinse. After using on appliances/ surfaces that produce heat, remove the citrus degreaser thoroughly with soap and water, and let completely dry before using.