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Makeup Stains Removed from Fabrics After the Dryer

Orange-Sol —  April 21, 2016

Removing Cosmetics and Makeup Stains

Removing cosmetics and makeup stains from fabric used to be difficult before De-Solv-it came along.

Most of us have had those times when Mom or Grandma gave us a loving kiss as a child. Often it would leave an embarrassing lipstick imprint on your cheek or forehead. Removing makeup stains got even harder as you aged. Maybe you can recall a time when someone you gave a hug to and it transferred onto your clothing. Or a time when you were flustered and ran into class while putting your make-up on. Perhaps you went to bed before removing the cosmetics, and you woke up with stains on your pillowcase. De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™ and De-Solv-it LAUNDRY SAVER, formerly De-Solv-it PLUS, were created precisely for the moments that never seem to go away.

For these messy beauty situations, use specialty cleaners, or De-Solv-it LAUNDRY SAVER Stain Remover, formerly De-Solv-it PLUS. The citrus-based solvent De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™ is very robust and removes most cosmetics and make-up from skin, clothing, and virtually any surface. Removing make-up from skin is quite easy, but the same shouldn’t be said about removing make-up from fabrics, unless of course, you use one or both of these products. Each product has greater strengths on certain cosmetics, but between the two products, most stains can be removed.

The eco-friendly stain remover Laundry Saver™, formerly De-Solv-it PLUS, will remove make-up stains from fabrics such as your clothing or bed sheets, and even the upholstery on your chairs. EVEN AFTER THE DRYER. Not only will this amazing cleaner remove fresh make-up stains, but also an abundance of other stains that have already been through the dryer. In addition to removing makeup stains, this outstanding laundry product removes baby stains, mustard, grease, food stains, wine and much much more EVEN AFTER THE DRYER!

When using De-Solv-it Citrus Solution or De-Solv-it LAUNDRY SAVER on clothing or fabrics such as your sheets, first scrape any excess residue off the item. Always test each product in an inconspicuous area before applying more widespread. Do not use on silks and leathers as they may darken. Typically each product is fine on colorfast washables in hot, cold and warm water. After testing, apply the product vigorously to the soiled area.

For extra tough stains, saturate both sides of the fabric and let it sit for a minute or two before blotting with a towel. Be careful not scrub the stained area, as this could cause the make-up stain to smear. Once you blot the make-up stain area, re-apply the citrus cleaning solvent and launder according to manufacturer’s direction.

When using the citrus solvent De-Solv-it Citrus Solution on an upholstered chair, DO NOT spray directly onto the upholstery. Instead, spray the specialty cleaner onto a clean cloth and blot the problem area until clean. Once the stain is removed, take another towel and soak it with water so you can blot the area down where the orange solvent was applied. Then take yet another towel, and blot dry the area.

To use Laundry Saver, simply spray the affected area, let it sit a few extra seconds, reapply and relaunder according to the garment manufacturers directions. Be sure to check the stain area before running it back through the dryer. For extra pesky stains, reapply Laundry Saver and work the area gently with your fingers and then reapply the product to the area. Many times the stain can be removed in the laundry sink prior to laundering.

Citrus solvent De-Solv-it Citrus Solution is safe on skin and hair, and when used it keeps the room free of harmful vapors and odors. In fact, it leaves the area smelling fresh. Always test any solvent on an inconspicuous area first, especially when applying to upholstery.