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Remove Oil from Metals with Citrus Degreaser

Orange-Sol —  May 21, 2013

Take a look under the hood of your vehicle. You are likely to find a collection of dirt, road grime, and oil. Maybe you are trying to sell your car. Maybe you are restoring a historic car and want the engine to be as clean and shiny as its outer counter parts. Or maybe you own a repair garage, and you need to clean your tools of the greasy oil left behind from the leaky cars you’ve worked on.

A highly useful citrus degreaser, De-Solv-it Mechanics Solvent, has the ability to remove oil, as well as blacktop, brake dust, gas gum, baked-on grease, gear sludge, and power steering fluid (just to name a few) from the metals under your hood and throughout the exterior and undercarriage of your car. De-Solv-it Mechanics Solvent is specifically designed for the mechanic trade and can clean parts other specialty cleaners can’t. You can use it in conjunction with De-Solv-it Citrus Solution and De-Solv-it Contractors Solvent.

Apply the heavy duty degreaser by spraying it on the metal areas that are covered in oils, dust, sludge, etc. Let the Mechanics Solvent sit and work its magic on the grime for up to five minutes, wipe away, and then rinse or wipe away with a wet cloth.

De-Solv-it Mechanics Solvent is an automotive parts cleaners dream that should be in every mechanics garage whether work is being completed as a career, hobby, or out of necessity. The citrus degreaser is organic, bio-degradable and there are no harmful vapors associated with it. Protective gear is not necessary with De-Solv-it Mechanics Solvent, and if working outside near water sources, no need to worry about contamination. The dielectric strength is greater than 50,000v, so it is even safe to use on running electrical motors.