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Remove Resin Tree Sap from Skin or Car with Orange Cleaner

Orange-Sol —  June 21, 2016

Gardening | Remove Tree Sap or Resin from Skin

What is Resin? Have you been working outside trimming trees and ended up with a sticky residue on your hands? That is resin, a hydrocarbon secretion of coniferous trees such as cedars, Douglas-furs, pines and spruces. Most people may think of sap and resin as one, but they are actually different in that saps serve a nutrition function to the tree; resins are used in varnishes and adhesives. All in all, resins, such as Pine resin, and sap lead to a sticky mess.

Remove Sticky Tree Sap

So how do you get this mess off your skin? Instead of drying your hand skin out by washing and scrubbing with warm soap and water multiple times, use the orange cleaner De-Solv-it Citrus Solution, as a safe and easy way to remove sticky resin messes from skin, hair and virtually any other surface including cars, trucks and motorcycles. The citrus cleaning solvent gets part of its cleaning power from citrus oils and organic wetting agents (natural ingredients), and contains aloe vera and lanolin so it will help prevent your skin from drying out. And De-Solv-it won’t harm clear-coat finishes or dry paint.

Safe on Skin

To remove resin from skin, spray the orange cleaner into the palm of your hand and lather into your skin, like you would if you were washing with soap and water. Once the resin residue is removed from your skin, wash your hands (or whatever part of the body the citrus solvent was applied to) with mild soap and water.

To remove resin from hair, spray the specialty cleaner into the palm of your hands, and lather into your hair like you would if you were washing. For large amounts of resin removal from hair, it may be easier to have someone spray De-Solv-it Citrus Solution directly on to the affected spot, rather than spraying it into your hands. Follow up by washing your hair with shampoo.

If you don’t wash your hands or hair after using the orange cleaner, you will notice the citrus oils left behind. De-Solv-it Citrus Solution is safe to use on skin and hair, as well as virtually any other surface; it’s eco-friendly and mom-approved. Before applying to another surface type, read the product label and test in an inconspicuous area.