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Remove Scuff Marks from Tile with Specialty Cleaner

Orange-Sol —  November 22, 2015

Tile Cleaner

Trying to remove shoe scuff marks from tile flooring? Did you recently have a graduation party at your house? Maybe you have a regular traffic flow of people coming over? Or is it just that you live with messy people? There are always those spots in a house or apartment where you can tell everyone sits or eats. The carpet gets worn, and the tile gets discolored. What’s the solution for cleaning large areas of tile?

There’s a need for an easy cleaning solution that is safe on the environment and your family, but also effective. The citrus specialty cleaners, De-Solv-it Citrus Solution and De-Solv-it Contractors’ Solvent, will remove scuff marks and discoloration from tile while doing just that.

How To

Spray/ pour De-Solv-it Citrus Solution or Contractors’ Solvent on the tile flooring to remove scuff marks, luggage wheel marks and discoloration. Be careful not to allow either product to reach the seams as both are excellent adhesive removers (adhesive bonds the flooring to the sub-flooring). Once applied, let the specialty cleaner sit for a minute or two before removing.

Then use a mop to rinse the floor with water. For smaller affected areas, a cleaning rag with the De-Solv-it dabbed on it, followed by a water rinse, will work just as well. Dry the floor with a towel or wait for it to air dry before walking on it; if the floor is wet, dirt will transfer from your feet/shoes to the wet clean floor. For heavily stained or discolored areas, reapply the citrus solvent.

Safe Solutions

The citrus specialty cleaner is a safer cleaning solution that is bio-degradable and environmentally friendlier. The active ingredients contain natural ingredients and organic wetting agents, and the cleaning power is derived, in part, from citrus oils. Both orange cleaners are safe on skin and hair, animals, and the environment; with thousands of testimonials and characteristics like that, it is no wonder both De-Solv-it products are “Mom Approved”.