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Remove Cured Silicone with Citrus-Based Contractors’ Solvent

Orange-Sol —  May 21, 2016

Silicone has many universal applications. It’s used around the house and industrially; a square inch of the product has the ability to hold a considerable amount of weight. The only thing required for silicone to form its strongest bond, is the pairing of two clean surfaces, which makes silicone hard to remove. It’s used to mount mirrors, seal shower doors and shelves, car parts, counter tops and much more.

Cured silicone is known to be a nuisance when trying to remove it from any object and it is no wonder, it can be time consuming or messy. For these sticky situations, the citrus-based Pro De-Solv-it Contractors’ Solvent, is to your rescue for glass, plastics, fiberglass, metals and virtually any hard surface.

Pro De-Solv-it Contractors’ Solvent is designed specifically for adhesive such as silicone and other difficult industrial challenges such as putty nails, caulk, floor adhesive and more. To remove a tough challenge such as silicone from hard surfaces, apply the citrus-based solvent and let sit for at least 5-15 minutes before peeling. Simply keep the surface most until the bond is broken. When complete, the silicone bead will simply peel up from the surface. For the almost impossible stain removal challenges such as cured contact cement, you may need to keep the area moist with the solvent for longer.

You won’t need to worry about cured silicone or this specialty citrus solvent causing damage to your skin. When oil, grease, fresh silicone, caulk and other tough adhesives reach your skin, Contractors’ Solvent will remove it safely. Pro De-Solv-it Contractors Solvent is safe on skin and hair, so it is the perfect specialty cleaner to free your fingers or remove the sticky residue from your skin (it can also be used on clothing). There are no harmful vapors, no chlorinated solvents, and while containing 100% active ingredients.