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Cleaner Removes Deodorant Buildup, Odor and Stains from Clothing

Orange-Sol —  June 21, 2016

A deodorant or anti-perspirant sometimes transfers to the outside of a shirt during application. Sometimes getting dressed before deodorant may have dried can cause the product to stain clothing.  De-Solv-It removes deodorant buildup, odor and deodorant stains in clothing.  We have a solution for you!

Specialty cleaner De-Solv-it PLUS removes deodorant buildup, odor and most stains from clothing without the use of oxidizers or other deep stain cleaning agents that can cause dryness and irritation of the skin. Use the plant-based specialty cleaner to remove deodorant buildup, odor and most stains from clothing; avoid the irritation and unsightly streaks.

When using the specialty cleaner on colorfast washables, do not combine use with bleach or oxidizers; these would entail “Oxy-like” products. To remove deodorant stains, first gently remove any excess residue where the stain(s) are on the clothing. Saturate both sides of the item with the orange cleaner; let it works its way into the stain for 1-2 minutes, and then gently brush or agitate the area before blotting the area with a paper towel.

Re-spray the deodorant stained area again, and launder according to the manufacturer’s direction. The citrus cleaning solvent won’t bleach color, and will remove stains even after putting something through the dryer. To help prevent stain build up as time goes on, you can use De-Solv-it PLUS before every wash for extra satisfaction.

The organic orange powered solvent gets its cleaning power from plant and citrus oils and organic wetting agents. The mom-approved product is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable, and contains no bleaches or oxidizers. It is safe on skin and hair, and makes the dreams of many come true… making laundry easier! If you have deodorant marks on silk, white shirts, or undergarments like bras that are staining, try De-Solv-It on the stains before laundry. .

A specialty cleaner such as De-Solv-it, has the cleaning power to remove grease, wine, chocolate and much more, from virtually any surface. Do not use on suede or leather, as the remover will cause the material to darken in color.