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A deodorant or anti-perspirant sometimes transfers to the outside of a shirt during application. Sometimes getting dressed before deodorant may have dried can cause the product to stain clothing.  De-Solv-It removes deodorant buildup, odor and deodorant stains in clothing.  We have a solution for you!

Specialty cleaner De-Solv-it PLUS removes deodorant buildup, odor and most stains from clothing without the use of oxidizers or other deep stain cleaning agents that can cause dryness and irritation of the skin. Use the plant-based specialty cleaner to remove deodorant buildup, odor and most stains from clothing; avoid the irritation and unsightly streaks.

When using the specialty cleaner on colorfast washables, do not combine use with bleach or oxidizers; these would entail “Oxy-like” products. To remove deodorant stains, first gently remove any excess residue where the stain(s) are on the clothing. Saturate both sides of the item with the orange cleaner; let it works its way into the stain for 1-2 minutes, and then gently brush or agitate the area before blotting the area with a paper towel.

Re-spray the deodorant stained area again, and launder according to the manufacturer’s direction. The citrus cleaning solvent won’t bleach color, and will remove stains even after putting something through the dryer. To help prevent stain build up as time goes on, you can use De-Solv-it PLUS before every wash for extra satisfaction.

The organic orange powered solvent gets its cleaning power from plant and citrus oils and organic wetting agents. The mom-approved product is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable, and contains no bleaches or oxidizers. It is safe on skin and hair, and makes the dreams of many come true… making laundry easier! If you have deodorant marks on silk, white shirts, or undergarments like bras that are staining, try De-Solv-It on the stains before laundry. .

A specialty cleaner such as De-Solv-it, has the cleaning power to remove grease, wine, chocolate and much more, from virtually any surface. Do not use on suede or leather, as the remover will cause the material to darken in color.

Remove Ink Stains from Fabric

Have you ever been studying or working on your bed and nodded off before removing your makeup or the pen rolled off your paper onto your sheets? Or maybe you have laid the pen down on your bed without realizing the cap was off, and ink started to leak? Sheets can be expensive depending on thread count, and maybe you cringe at the thought of shopping and would do anything to not have to go buy another set. What you do is use a specialty cleaner, and save yourself from the hassle of shopping.

So then what do you do when you need to use a specialty cleaner but want a product that is safe on the environment and yourself? The citrus specialty cleaners, De-Solv-it Citrus Solution and De-Solv-it PLUS, have these characteristics with superb cleaning capabilities.

Each orange and plant powered solvent is effective, safe on skin and hair, composed of natural ingredients, and biodegradable; therefore eliminating its contribution to harming the environment. Citrus oil is an active ingredient in the citrus cleaners which don’t emit harmful vapors. Each leaves the area smelling fresh rather than smelling like chemicals, and doesn’t require ventilation.

Remove Make up or Pen Ink

To remove makeup or fresh ink stains from sheets, first remove the sheets from the bed. (Tip: Sample each product to see which works best on the type of makeup or ink you are trying to remove. Results will vary from makeup or ink manufacturer though though one is likely to show stronger results.) The citrus solvents should not be allowed to penetrate the mattress, and should not be mixed with bleach or oxidizers (“Oxy-like” products). Soak the stained area of the sheet with the citrus specialty cleaner on both sides of the fabric, and let sit for 1-2 minutes (tougher challenges, let sit longer). Blot the area with a paper towel, re-spray the solvent, and then launder according to the manufacturer’s direction.

De-Solv-it PLUS can remove stains even after placing the item through the dryer, and it won’t bleach color. The product is not recommended for use on khaki-fabrics or silk. It is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and can remove regular and industrial stain types for many surfaces.

Cleaning Crayon off Walls

Parents and teachers love to receive the works-of-art that their children and students create. They display their masterpieces by hanging them up on the fridge, at school or in their office at work. Kids however, can be messy artists just as they can be messy eaters.

Crayons are a lot of fun and kids sometimes forget they are supposed to stay on the paper. You may find yourself asking, “What removes crayon?” From walls, floors, fabric, table tops and more, and for those times when arts-n-crafts time turns more adventurous or an accident just happens, have a bottle of De-Solv-it Citrus Solution close by.

When your child draws on his bedroom walls with crayon, or when he decides to try and color designs on plastic toys. Or perhaps coloring on the floor ran outside the lines and off the paper onto the linoleum, ceramic or wood floors. How would you clean up such stains as these? The citrus cleaning solvent De-Solv-it Citrus Solution has the ability to remove these stain types effortlessly from virtually any surface.

Remove crayon and gum safely and effectively with the citrus-based, environmentally friendly solvent that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. De-Solv-it Citrus Solution is a safer cleaning product that doesn’t contain bleach or oxidizers. There are no harmful vapors or need for ventilation after application and its safe on skin and hair. Some of the active ingredients that gives De-Solv-it these characteristics and some of its cleaning ability are citrus oils and organic wetting agents.

Remove Crayons and Gum from the Dryer

Sometimes gum and crayons make it all the way to the dryer before being discovered. When removing the melted crayon or gum stains from clothing with this citrus cleaning solvent, remove as much of the mass as possible first. Then saturate the crayon or gum stained area of clothing on both sides of the fabric, and let it works its way into the stain for 1-2 minutes. Blot the area with a paper towel, and then re-spray with the citrus solvent until all of the stain is removed from the fabric. Rinse in the laundry sink with the warmest water the garment manufacturer will allow before laundering again according to the manufacturer’s direction. Be sure to remove all of the stain before drying again. (TIP: When crayon or gum goes through the dryer, be sure to remove the melted crayon or gum from the dryer and wipe the inside dryer surface with mild soap and water – a sponge works well here – and let dry before using again.)

When using De-Solv-it Citrus Solution on hard surfaces, apply the eco-friendly product, wipe, and then rinse with water. If on a hard surface inside, soak a clean towel with water, and wipe the area where the orange powered remover was applied. In most cases, let the citrus solvent sit for 20-30 seconds before wiping; tougher stains may require a longer wait.

How to Remove Mustard Stains

Romans were likely the first civilization to experiment with mustard as a condiment; a recipe can be found in a Roman cookbook compiled anonymously, dating back to the late 4th or early 5th century. People in the United States pair many things with mustard including hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, and soft pretzels just to name a few. Today, mustard is seen as part of an American past time and can be found at almost any barbeque or in any household.

With the large number of people consuming mustard, the percentage of people who have experienced the struggle of removing mustard stains from clothing is likely equally as large. Rather than using bleach with its harmful properties on your stained fabrics, use the orange powered remover De-Solv-it Plus.

The citrus-based stain remover is safe on hair and skin, bio-degradable, eco-friendly, as well as “Mom Approved”. It provides a safer and environmentally friendlier, mustard stain removal solution, and is guaranteed to satisfy your cleaning needs. There are no harmful vapors associated with the solvent, so there is no need for ventilation.

Clothing Stains

The orange cleaner, De-Solv-it PLUS, removes stains even after the dryer, and does not contain bleaches or oxidizers; it also should not be used in conjunction with products that contain bleach or oxidizers. Do not use De-Solv-it PLUS on suede, leather, silk, or khaki-colored fabrics. Remove clothing prior to application of the orange cleaner.

How to remove mustard from clothing: Gently remove excess food and condiment debris from the clothing, and saturate both sides of the fabric with the orange powered remover. Let the product work its way into the fabric for 1-2 minutes, and then blot the area with a paper towel. Re-spray the mustard stained area, and launder according to the manufacturer’s direction. For heavier soiled areas, repeat this process with a non-abrasive De-Solv-it PLUS saturated brush and rinse with the warmest water the garment will allow. Then launder again.

Clean Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are everywhere. The concrete sidewalks, the side of brick buildings and on the inside walls of apartments and homes everywhere. Often times, they are most visible on doors or walls where there is heavy human traffic. A common cause of scuff marks on household walls and doors are the rubber soles of shoes, or other items such as belts, that may run into friction with the wall causing transference of color. These scuff marks have met their match with the specialty cleaners, De-Solv-it Citrus Solution and De-Solv-it Contractors Solvent.

The citrus-based specialty cleaners can be used on cured paint without causing it to fade or flake, making De-Solv-it Citrus Solution and Contractors Solvent ideal for removing scuff marks from surfaces including painted wood. The citrus oils and organic wetting agents in the natural and eco-friendly product can remove scuff marks caused by rubber, food, grease, dirt, make-up, crayon/ markers, and the list goes on.

Remove Shoe Marks

To remove scuff marks from floors and walls, spray the citrus cleaning solvent onto the floor or wall and wipe with a cloth. For tougher stains, let it sit for a minute or two before wiping. For smaller areas, spray De-Solv-it onto a cloth and then wipe the affected area. To rinse the area of the citrus oils in the product, saturate a clean cloth with water and wipe the wall or door where the cleaning solvent was applied.

De-Solv-it Citrus Solution and all De-Solv-it products are safe on skin and hair, and don’t emit harmful vapors that can cause headaches or irritation like some other cleaning products. Both products are bio-degradable, mom-approved and 100% satisfaction guaranteed by Orange-Sol. Both products can be used on virtually any surface, but be sure to check the label for the few exceptions; it can cause discoloration when used on certain materials.

Some people view cooking as therapeutic, while others view it as a nuisance. One thing that is for sure regardless of your views and opinions towards cooking is that the clean-up process can be a sticky mess; especially when grease is involved. How do you remove grease from your kitchen?

The fatty substances just seem to smear, leave a filmy residue, and just never go away. For those delicious (but maybe not so healthy) greasy foods and the messes that go along with them, keep a bottle of the degreaser, De-Solv-it Citrus Solution, close by.

The mom-approved citrus degreaser can remove grease from just about any surface while preventing the spill of chemicals in to the environment and without the need of the protective wear recommended for use by most other degreasers. There are no smelly, toxic fumes associated with the citrus cleaning solvent, so ventilation of the area after use, is not required with this product. Something we all want… cleaning made easier!

De-Solv-it Citrus Solution can be used an a vast array of materials/ surfaces, therefore the orange powered degreaser could be used on clothing that grease jumps and sizzles on while cooking, as well as on the grill, stove top, and the kitchen fryer just to name a few.

When using the heavy duty degreaser on clothing (not for use on silk or khaki-colored clothing), saturate the stained area on both sides of the fabric and let it work its way into the stain for a few minutes. Blot the grease stained area with a paper towel, spray the area with De-Solv-it Citrus Solution again, and then launder the item according to the manufacturer’s direction.

When removing grease from hard surfaces, apply the eco-friendly degreaser, and let sit for 20-30 seconds (longer for stubborn stains), and then wipe and rinse. After using on appliances/ surfaces that produce heat, remove the citrus degreaser thoroughly with soap and water, and let completely dry before using.

We all have pesky stains that seem impossible to remove, especially tough to remove stains after the dryer. There is no need to throw out favorite shirts or pairs of white pants after the dryer with missed stains. De-Solv-it Laundry Saver, formerly De-Solv-it PLUS, is an eco-friendly, biodegradable and “Mom Approved” specialty cleaner that will remove stains after the dryer from clothing, bibs and linens.

How To Remove Stains After the Dryer

To remove stains after the dryer, use non-toxic, biodegradable and safe specialty cleaner De-Solv-it LAUNDRY SAVER. When applied on clothing or fabric after the dryer, simply spray the affected area and wait a few seconds before re-washing. For tougher stains, apply product then gently work the stain with your fingers or another cloth. Then simply re-launder according to the garment manufacturer’s instructions.

This product is terrific for removing out of the dryer stains such as baby stains, grease, mustard, cosmetics and much more – even after the dryer!

With De-Solv-it LAUNDRY SAVER, formerly De-Solv-it PLUS, there is no need to wear gloves or worry about getting the specialty cleaner on your skin, because the product is non-toxic, biodegradable and contains no artificial dyes or scents. When spraying the specialty cleaner in confined laundry rooms or apartments, there is no need to worry about the lingering smell of chemicals left behind with traditional carpet/ fabric cleaners.

Everyone needs a bottle of De-Solv-it Laundry Saver to remove stains after the dryer from clothing and fabrics, while feeling safe doing it!

Blood is a stain that anyone tries to avoid at all costs, but accidents happen. Kids fall and scrape their knees or elbow all the time and some people run into common bloody noses. Typically, a blood stain on a t-shirt or set of bed sheets will be disposed of, and a couch or chair with blood stains will be covered to conceal. It is a stain anyone dreads, but fear no longer.

De-Solv-it Citrus Solution, an orange powered solvent, has the power to remove fresh blood, while De-Solv-it PLUS can remove dried blood from many surfaces; such as the upholstery used to cushion and cover your furniture. The bio-degradable blood remover doesn’t require ventilation since there are no toxic fumes associated with it; the main cleaning ingredient is derived from plants. The eco-friendly solvent is mom-approved, and safe on skin and hair.

To use the orange powered blood remover on upholstery, apply to a clean cloth (don’t spray directly on upholstery) and blot the blood stained area until it is removed. Rinse the area with water, and then blot dry with a clean towel or cloth. For best results, finish the blood stain removal process by extracting any leftover residue with a wet/dry vacuum.

For use on fabrics such as clothing or sheets, soak both sides of the article with the citrus-based remover and let it work its way into the stain for 1-2 minutes. After soaking, blot the area with a paper towel and then re-spray De-Solv-it Citrus Solution or De-Solv-it PLUS before washing according to the manufacturer’s direction.

The orange powered solvent, De-Solv-it PLUS won’t bleach color, and will remove stains even after the dryer. DO NOT use De-Solv-it in conjunction with bleach or products containing oxidizers. The product is 100% natural and safe on skin, hair, and virtually any surface.

Removing Cosmetics and Makeup Stains

Removing cosmetics and makeup stains from fabric used to be difficult before De-Solv-it came along.

Most of us have had those times when Mom or Grandma gave us a loving kiss as a child. Often it would leave an embarrassing lipstick imprint on your cheek or forehead. Removing makeup stains got even harder as you aged. Maybe you can recall a time when someone you gave a hug to and it transferred onto your clothing. Or a time when you were flustered and ran into class while putting your make-up on. Perhaps you went to bed before removing the cosmetics, and you woke up with stains on your pillowcase. De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™ and De-Solv-it LAUNDRY SAVER, formerly De-Solv-it PLUS, were created precisely for the moments that never seem to go away.

For these messy beauty situations, use specialty cleaners, or De-Solv-it LAUNDRY SAVER Stain Remover, formerly De-Solv-it PLUS. The citrus-based solvent De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™ is very robust and removes most cosmetics and make-up from skin, clothing, and virtually any surface. Removing make-up from skin is quite easy, but the same shouldn’t be said about removing make-up from fabrics, unless of course, you use one or both of these products. Each product has greater strengths on certain cosmetics, but between the two products, most stains can be removed.

The eco-friendly stain remover Laundry Saver™, formerly De-Solv-it PLUS, will remove make-up stains from fabrics such as your clothing or bed sheets, and even the upholstery on your chairs. EVEN AFTER THE DRYER. Not only will this amazing cleaner remove fresh make-up stains, but also an abundance of other stains that have already been through the dryer. In addition to removing makeup stains, this outstanding laundry product removes baby stains, mustard, grease, food stains, wine and much much more EVEN AFTER THE DRYER!

When using De-Solv-it Citrus Solution or De-Solv-it LAUNDRY SAVER on clothing or fabrics such as your sheets, first scrape any excess residue off the item. Always test each product in an inconspicuous area before applying more widespread. Do not use on silks and leathers as they may darken. Typically each product is fine on colorfast washables in hot, cold and warm water. After testing, apply the product vigorously to the soiled area.

For extra tough stains, saturate both sides of the fabric and let it sit for a minute or two before blotting with a towel. Be careful not scrub the stained area, as this could cause the make-up stain to smear. Once you blot the make-up stain area, re-apply the citrus cleaning solvent and launder according to manufacturer’s direction.

When using the citrus solvent De-Solv-it Citrus Solution on an upholstered chair, DO NOT spray directly onto the upholstery. Instead, spray the specialty cleaner onto a clean cloth and blot the problem area until clean. Once the stain is removed, take another towel and soak it with water so you can blot the area down where the orange solvent was applied. Then take yet another towel, and blot dry the area.

To use Laundry Saver, simply spray the affected area, let it sit a few extra seconds, reapply and relaunder according to the garment manufacturers directions. Be sure to check the stain area before running it back through the dryer. For extra pesky stains, reapply Laundry Saver and work the area gently with your fingers and then reapply the product to the area. Many times the stain can be removed in the laundry sink prior to laundering.

Citrus solvent De-Solv-it Citrus Solution is safe on skin and hair, and when used it keeps the room free of harmful vapors and odors. In fact, it leaves the area smelling fresh. Always test any solvent on an inconspicuous area first, especially when applying to upholstery.

Removing Bumper Stickers

Have you ever bought a used car off someone, and that person happened to love having bumper stickers way more than you do? Or maybe you have a bumper sticker that’s on the back of your car that says your child is an honor roll student from 10 years prior?

The residue attracts dirt and becomes unsightly; especially if the entire sticker was not possible to remove. You could pick and scrub at the adhesive residue or what is left of the sticker endlessly, or use De-Solv-it Citrus Solution or Pro De-Solv-it Mechanics’ Solvent for an easy removal process.

Car Sticker Removal

To remove adhesive residue from car windows or car paintwork, apply the citrus cleaning solvent to the area. Let sit for a minute or two; this will not harm the cars paintwork. After letting sit, wipe the window or body of the car with a soft cloth (i.e. microfiber towel) to prevent scratching of the paint. After window sticker removal, apply glass cleaner accordingly. After use on chrome, clear coat or auto paint, rinse the car with water, and then proceed to wash the body of your car with a mild soap or wash designed specifically for vehicles. To leave your car looking shiny clean, finish with a layer of wax.

Adhesive Remover 

Not only does De-Solv-it Citrus Solution and Pro De-Solv-it Mechanics’ Solvent remove adhesive residue, but each product does it in a way that is safe for the user and the environment. Who wouldn’t want to clean in a way that is effective, safe, and guaranteed to satisfy? The citrus-based remover’s active ingredients are bio-degradable, and include citrus oils and organic wetting agents.

There are no harmful vapors, so the need to get the personal protective equipment out of storage for cleaning your car, is not required. The citrus cleaning solvents are safe on skin, hair and the environment; And De-Solv-it Citrus Solution is mom-approved. (Tip: Be sure to apply when your auto is not on blacktop or asphalt as both De-Solv-it products are exceptional asphalt removers (from wheel wells, doors and wheels) and therefore both will adversely affect asphalt surfaces if allowed to reach them and not rinsed off in a timely manner.)