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There are certain stains that parents see and fear when washing their kids’ clothes. One such example… grass stains. Grass stains are the nemesis of clothing; not only for children, but for all ages alike. It can result from playing tag in the field with classmates, doing yard work, or any number of sports games.

To remove grass stains, you must use a product that is safe on fabric so not to ruin the article of clothing further, but also a product that is safe on skin, so not to irritate; as well as an environmentally-friendly solution that is safe to wash down the drain. A stain remover that should be in every household with an active child, or someone that regularly comes home covered from head-to-toe in dirt, is the citrus-based solvent, De-Solv-it PLUS.

To use De-Solv-it PLUS on clothing, gently remove any excess grass or dirt form the fabric, spray the affected area of clothing (both the inside and outside of the article) and let it saturate the area for 1-2 minutes. Once the specialty cleaner has soaked in, blot the area with a paper towel, spray the citrus-based remover again, and then wash according to the manufacturer’s direction.

The specialty cleaner is safe to use on nearly every surface. The all-natural product is orange powered and is safe on skin, allowing you to complete laundry and stain removal without gloves.

Bonus… the citrus-based specialty cleaner can also be used to remove grass stains left by wet grass on concrete, stone, the steel frame of a lawn mower, as well as other yard tools made from wood, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals. The environmentally-friendly characteristics of De-Solv-it PLUS are even more important when it comes to using these products outside, where water run-off leads to storm drains.

Even with the proper precautions and planning, oil changes can be messy. When changing the oil in your lawnmower, gas powered scooter, ATV or vehicle, the placement of an oil pan can make a huge difference in your clean-up efforts. Oil can leak from older cars as well as newer, but in either case, there is no turning back once the mess is made.

The heavy duty degreaser, Pro De-Solv-it Contractors’ Solvent, was specifically developed for the contractor trade, and is excellent at removing industrial stains from concrete. To remove a fresh oil spill, apply the citrus degreaser to the area, wipe or scrape, and then rinse the concrete with water. For tougher oil stains that have been around for a while, let the degreaser set up to five minutes before wiping and rinsing. Scrubbing/scraping may help speed the process but isn’t necessary. For oil stains in the automotive field, use Pro De-Solv-it Mechanics’ Solvent. It is designed to clean parts others can’t!

The citrus degreaser gets its cleaning power partially from natural ingredients; it’s safe on skin and hair. It contains citrus oils and organic wetting agents, but contains no water. If cleaning a garage, the process can occur without having to leave your garage door open or vacate the area to let it air out; there are no harmful vapors. Pro De-Solv-it Contractors Solvent is eco-friendly.

The heavy duty degreaser can be used to remove oil stains from block/brick, wood, metals, tarmac, stone, and paving; as well as carpets, clothing, and ceramic tile. All your oil stain removal needs! It is not recommended for use for extended periods on rubber materials. The citrus cleaning solvent designed for the contractor’s trade can also be used to remove asphalt, silicone, caulking, floor adhesives, roofing tar, wood seal and more.